Bill Management

Dealing with the administrative side of energy and invoicing is time consuming and creates an additional cost burden for businesses.

FM Energy’s bill management service takes care of everything from spotting errors on invoices to managing online energy dashboards and data collection. Our team will manage changes of occupancy, meter reading and the reporting and cataloguing of bills, leaving you time to focus on other areas of your business.

We’ll also handle energy bill related queries on your behalf and respond quickly to resolve these with your supplier.


Bill Validation

Billing errors can cost companies significant amounts of money, particularly if the inaccuracies have gone undetected for a number of years. It’s estimated that around a fifth of all energy bills contain some kind of error. Our bill checking service picks up current and historic errors and calculates the refund due. We can then reclaim the money on your behalf.

Errors can be caused by a wide range of issues. We’ll make sure your unit rates and standing charges are in line with your agreed contract and usage and that meters are correctly configured. We’ll also validate any applicable third party charges such as Climate Change Levy and Distribution Use of System Charges (DUoS).

Once your account has been updated, every future bill will go through our rigorous checking process to make sure you never pay more than you should.


Energy Admin

The administrative tasks generated by changes of occupancy, invoice reminders, disconnection notices and general bill management take time to deal with and often have tight deadlines for responding.

FM Energy’s specialist bill management team will take care of everything within the required timescales and keep your account fully compliant and up to date.


Online Energy Management

Keeping track of your consumption data and analysing your online energy dashboards and reports can help you make informed decisions about how to buy and manage energy in the future. 

At FM Energy we understand the importance of this data and how it affects your bills and budgets. As well as making sure online data collection is set up properly for all your sites we’ll report regularly on the data and help you use this information to minimise energy spending.