Buying Energy

Managing your energy well starts with good buying practices.

Before we even start negotiating with suppliers we look carefully at the way your business uses its energy. Once we’re clear about your usage patterns and energy needs we’ll look for the most cost-effective way to buy gas and electricity on your behalf.

Depending on how much energy you use and how you prefer to manage your energy budget, we’ll help you find the fixed or flexible contract that suits you and guide your purchasing decisions, giving you expert advice on the best time to buy. As an independent energy adviser we take an unbiased look at the whole market to find the optimum solution for your business.


Fixed Contracts

Fixed contracts are ideal for companies that want budget certainty and protection from fluctuating energy prices.

In simple terms, a fixed contract secures energy at a fixed price for an agreed term. The price stays the same no matter what happens to the energy market. Terms range from 1 year to 4 years and we will advise you on the most appropriate contract and term for your business.

Fixed contracts give peace of mind and budget security during the term of the contract.

At FM Energy we source the best deals from the entire market to keep your energy spending as low as possible.


Flexible Contracts

Flexible contracts are an excellent way for big energy users to save money by timing their purchases to coincide with favourable market conditions.

Buying in this way gives you the freedom to buy energy in stages, at a time that suits you and when market conditions are right.

Flexible contracts put you in control of your energy spending and level of risk. With FM Energy as your energy partner, you will have all the information you need to make well informed buying decisions that work for your business.