Energy Lifeline

Tackling Fuel Poverty Together

Orchard FM and FM Energy share a common goal to make a difference in our community.

Our local area of Calderdale and Kirklees and the wider West Yorkshire region are not just places where we live and work. We feel a deep connection to these communities and have an important role to play in supporting those most in need.

Both businesses are already closely linked with some fantastic local charities and organisations and our latest initiative, Energy Lifeline, complements these partnerships.

What is Energy Lifeline?

Businesses that choose to work with Orchard FM and FM Energy are helping to keep our community warm and supporting low income individuals and families through their toughest times.

Energy Lifeline is designed to offer essential and targeted help and support when it is needed. By keeping families comfortable through challenging times, we hope to make a lasting difference to their lives and offer them hope for the future.

Why is it needed?

The poorest and most marginalised in our communities regularly face tough choices between feeding their families and heating their homes.

Through our partnerships with charities such as Christians Against Poverty and the Jo Cox Foundation, we have developed a scheme which will fund gas and electricity for those most in need.

We don’t believe anyone in our community should face the stress and anxiety caused by not being able to find money for their gas or electricity meter.

How does it work?

By choosing to work with FM Energy you will be directly supporting a family in need. Whenever a new business starts working with either company, we will donate into our Energy Lifeline fund which provides low income individuals and families with pre-paid fuel through one of our partner charities.

Ongoing donations will be made on behalf of our clients at regular intervals, which means each business that we provide facilities management and energy services to will be supporting this initiative, providing funding for fuel and practical support to help those on low incomes at a time when they need it most.

Our philosophy

Orchard FM and FM Energy have shared aims to contribute positively to the success of our clients’ businesses, develop our people to achieve their full potential and give back to our local community.

Both businesses are based on strong partnerships and long-lasting relationships. We develop these by working openly and honestly with our customers and providing simple, effective and reliable facilities management across a wide range of services including maintenance, compliance, estates management, energy, waste and IT - all with a single point of contact.

Energy Lifeline is only possible thanks to the strong relationships our two businesses enjoy with our customers and community groups locally.